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OG WhatsApp Download | OGWhatsApp Update 2024

OG WhatsApp, a version of WhatsApp created by AlexMods, offers a variety of excellent features with its updates. The latest version of OGWhatsApp Download provides users with a range of unique options and functionalities.

OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular versions of WhatsApp. In global download rankings, the new version of OG WhatsApp is only surpassed by GBWhatsApp Update, WhatsApp Omar, GBWhatsApp, Golden WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, and Gold WhatsApp.

The popularity of OGWA is due to its additional features, such as the ability to hide your ‘last seen’ status while actively using the app, ensuring that no one knows you are online.

Moreover, you can upload statuses directly, rather than requesting them from the publisher. Additionally, the OGWhatsApp Apk application includes many special features and add-ons.

Beyond these, the latest version of OG WhatsApp encompasses all these features and add-ons. It also highlights the exclusive features developed by AlexMods in the OG WhatsApp version.

OG WhatsApp Download

OG WhatsApp Download
OG WhatsApp Download

Download the latest version of OG WhatsApp directly from our website, where the links for OGWhatsApp updates are continually refreshed.

OGWhatsApp’s Download URLs

Multiple links are available to download the latest version of OG WhatsApp. The first download link is at the top of this page, and the second can be found here:

OG WhatsApp Download Page

Important: Do not remove the previous version of OGWhatsApp. Instead, download the new update and install it over the old version.

If you encounter difficulties downloading OG WhatsApp, use the alternative link via the free download button at the top of the page.

What is OGWhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp is an Android communication app, modified from the official WhatsApp by a third-party. It offers a simplified user interface for WhatsApp.


How to download OG WhatsApp?

How to Update OGWhatsApp Apk Without Losing Conversations

  1. Old version

    Don’t remove the old version.

  2. Download the latest version

    Download the latest version of OG WhatsApp from this page.

  3. Installing OGWhatsApp

    Install the OGWA Apk on your phone.

  4. Open OG WhatsApp

    Finally, enjoy the OG app on your phone.

OG WhatsApp Update Features and Add-ons

When you install OGWhatsApp, you’ll discover a variety of amazing features. Furthermore, the new version of OG WhatsApp includes several hidden add-ons.

After downloading the OGWA Apk via the direct link, install the current version to explore these features for yourself. We’ve explained these features in the following paragraphs.

OG WhatsApp Privacy Features

The privacy features in OG WhatsApp significantly distinguish the app from the official WhatsApp. It includes several privacy options not found in the official application, such as:

1- Last Seen and Online Status

As previously mentioned, this feature, allowing you to use WhatsApp without revealing your online status or last seen to your contacts, is one of the unique features of OGWA.

2- The Second Check Mark Hiding Feature

This OGWA add-on enhances your privacy by allowing you to hide the second check mark on received messages, indicating that the sender’s message has been delivered but not yet read.

3- Airplane Mode Addon

This feature allows you to receive messages without having to turn off your internet data.

Activate Airplane Mode and enjoy other apps without receiving WhatsApp messages.

4- Additional Protection

OGWA offers an addon to lock the app with various methods such as fingerprint, pattern, and PIN, enhancing your app’s privacy without needing additional applications.

If you are a WhatsApp user, you would typically need to download an extra app for this functionality.

Other Features of OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp also includes additional features:

A Variety of Free Themes

OGWA offers a wide range of themes to suit all interests, allowing you to give the application a unique interface.

All themes can be downloaded for free and easily through the application’s theme platform.

Night Mode

The night mode feature, integrated with OG WhatsApp, minimizes screen brightness to protect your eyes during prolonged use, similar to the official app.

Fixes in the Latest Update of OGWhatsApp APK

OGWhatsApp download includes bug fixes such as:

  • Interacting with received messages by double-clicking, similar to Instagram.
  • Availability in a variety of languages, in addition to English.
  • Resolving the issue of calls dropping on older phones.
  • Resolving issues with app lock using fingerprint authentication.
  • Adding support for multiple WhatsApp accounts.

New Features in the OG WhatsApp Black Version Update

  • Setting and including any emoji to interact with messages.
  • Uploading and saving contact profile images.
  • Adding an option to confirm before posting statuses to prevent accidental publishing.
  • Disabling WhatsApp calls to avoid interruptions while using the app.
  • Playing voice messages and audio clips in the background.
  • Customizing the color of the status bar according to your preference.

Finally, the latest update of OGWA has combined existing features and add-ons with new enhancements. There are many additional features and add-ons not listed here. Discover them by installing OGWhatsApp from our website.


If you’re seeking more privacy features and customizations than the official WhatsApp app offers, in terms of both style and interface, along with enhanced privacy for your contacts, this program is for you.

Simply download OGWhatsApp by AlexMods to fulfill all your needs and enjoy an intuitive and impressive interface alternative to the official WhatsApp app.

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